Sisterland Mother's Day Photo Shoot

We love collaborating with local artisans, especially those who also bring their skill and love of the art to their work…and when they too are inspired by nature and it’s wild spirit…and when they are this sweet to work with….and when we get to use Fleur babies as models as well as get to play and make beautiful florals. xoxo.

Do check out Sisterland who’s simple linen girls’ clothing are meant to be lived in, played in and loved. Produced locally in small batches by Polly Weber, who was raised in her mother’s studio, surrounded by talented tailors and seamstresses. Partnering with her husband, Charlie, they envision a company that is driven by an underlying mission to support and empower young women.

Dried Flowers
Dried flower crowns
baby floral crowns
locally made clothes and wearable flowers
Linen dress and dried flower crowns
Mother's Day flowers
dried bunny tails
one month baby photoshoot
dried flowers Mother's Day