January Jungle Living

Plants Are In - The Shop!

A fresh arrival of lush plants has taken over our shop. We've got everything from three inch succulents to five foot fiddle leaf fig topiaries or something in between! 


In honor of this great January Jungle feeling, here are a few good plant tips to keeping things green:

1.  Light: The first step to success is determining what type of light your desired location has and choose a plant to match, not the other way around.

2. Container: Be sure your vessel has proper drainage or that you take it out to water. Plants don't like wet feet.

3. Care: If you are going to have a healthy indoor plant, you need to be willing to pay attention to it at least once a week. Plants are pretty good at telling you when they’re not happy. Keep an eye out for any signs of stress, like wilting or yellowing leaves, or dry soil. 

4. Routine: Plants appreciate a regular care schedule and consistent environment. In most cases, watering once per week will do it, but when the seasons change outdoors your indoor plant needs will also change.